They are two different animals, yet they still go together.

Last Sunday, Stormy the lamb was born on a small Canadian farm near Hazelridge, east of Winnipeg. Her mother rejected her, but the lamb is not alone.

Stormy has found a close friendship in a one-year-old dog named Tammy, who has never had her own litter, but is treating Stormy like her own.

According to Scripps, Stormy’s owner, Cathy Fleury, was outside working when she saw the golden retriever and lamb either hanging out or sleeping together. Fleury said that when the two are not sleeping, they are playing.

Even though the farm life reality is that animals sometimes cannot stay together, Fleury believes that the two will be best buddies for the many years to come.

Watch the entire video below of the two best friends.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez

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