After 11 months of rough hands and jagged cuticles, I finally treated myself to a day at the nail salon. For most of 2020, I stayed away from businesses that I felt unnecessary as a way to keep my circle small, but with the new year and concrete COVID-friendly guidelines in place, it was time to have myself a day.

It was a reminder that there are some luxuries that I never want to live without again.
To the ladies and gentlemen who enjoy manicures, you understand the importance of a quality experience. When you find the right salon, you leave that place feeling like you have brand new hands. It was a luxury I didn't have the chance to enjoy last year, so I was eager to go back to the salon in my neighborhood as soon as I could.

But just like many areas in our lives, the experience was a little different pre-COVID. There were plastic barriers at each station, the nail technicians were masked up and wore gloves throughout the entire manicure. I was happy to see that this particular salon was still giving out massages during the manicure, and while I was a little surprised that was allowed, my neck and shoulders were totally on board with it.

To those that enjoy manicures, you know how relaxing it is, and I think we could all use a little more relaxation in our lives.

Getting my nails done seems like a trivial experience, but it was a small taste of normalcy that I have been craving for months. So if you have been like me and have been wary about going back to your nail tech, rest assured that it is a safe experience and just as relaxing as before. Sometimes, it's the little things that brighten my day (or nail bed).

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