Over the weekend, Greater New Bedford Track Club hosted their annual Youth Mile, at Andrea McCoy Athletic Field.

Saturday's event had a record 140 youngsters from kindergarten to the eighth grade come out and have a fun-filled day in the sun. Also the New Bedford High School Track and Field Team added to the festivities this year by leading opportunities for the students to try field events.

The top three finishers in each age category are as follows (boys on the left, girls on the right).

 Kindergarten and First Grade:

  1. Adriano Sousa                          Leah Cabral
  2. Harrison Cabral                        Lindsay Summer
  3. Jahiel Moreno                          Maggie Martin


Grade 2 and Grade 3 

  1. Sebastian Araujo                     Teah Galligan
  2. Andrew Martin                        Colleen McCarthy
  3. Alijah Carvalho                         Diana Ferreira

 Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6


  1. Brendan Nunes                       Brianna Machado
  2. Mitchell Taradash                   Kennedy Bussiere
  3. Kevin Kiser                                 Kirsten Sumner


Grade 7 and Grade 8


  1. Jacob Garcia                              Jenna Hebert
  2. Marciel Sousa                           Becky Mentzer
  3. Austin Macaroco                     Emma Ripley

Each participant also received a goodie bag, t-shirt and finisher's medal for being part of the event. They also were treated to pizza, ice cream sundaes and a tie-dye section to decorate their shirts. Also, the top three finishers for both males and females, in each age group, were awarded with trophies.

The event, which was funded entirely off of funds and donations raised by the GNBTC and was supported by the New Bedford Parks and Recreation Department, was a huge success.