For anyone who is gluten-free, whether it's by choice or not, I'm positive that we can agree on the awesomeness that is Nabisco.

The cookie company made the big announcement via social media Monday and within the first seven hours, the post was shared over 55,000 times on Facebook alone.

Nabisco plans on delivering its latest gluten-free product in January of 2021 and the anticipation already has a stronghold on me.

According to, Oreo lovers will have the opportunity to purchase the original package of Oreos or the Double Stuf, in which both will be free of gluten and made with real cocoa.

Now, I will admit that I do not have celiac disease, but gluten makes my skin itchy and I bloat bigger than a pregnant tick that's been feasting on a deer for a whole week straight. It's been about 45 days since I've touched the devilish gluten, and I couldn't feel any better.

Sadly enough, I do miss certain things that contain gluten (like most things in today's society) such as donuts, cookies and bread. Man, do I miss bread with a passion; gluten-free bread such as Udi's doesn't do it for me. That being said, Oreo's decision to come out with a gluten-free cookie is either going to flop or become life-changing.

I've switched from fatty, glutenous snacks to healthier alternatives such a nut-thins and granola bars, and I find them substantially tastier. Needless to say, making the switch has its advantages in the tastebud department and I'm ready for the newfound glory that is the gluten-free Oreo cookie.

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