Out of all of her 14 million followers, supermodel Gisele Bündchen DM'd Christine Fox.


How cool is that? Christine said she wanted to wait a minute to collect her thoughts before immediately responding. Could this be the beginning of a true friendship?  I offered to help craft Christine's response.  After all, I have a stake in all of this.  If Christine ends up hanging out with Gisele and Tom Brady, I may end up at the same party.  This could be my chance to hang out with the Greatest of All Time.

Who knows, maybe there will be a NERF football in Christine's backyard during an eighth-grade graduation party. Maybe I pick up the football and start playing catch with some of the guys at the party.  Maybe it breaks into a backyard game of two-hand touch.  The possibilities are endless. Here's hoping Christine plays this once in a lifetime opportunity with precision.

Additional Reporting By Abigail Pelissier.

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