A Seekonk restaurant just put a giant lobster on its roof, giving the Big Blue Bug in Providence a run for its money.

Old Grist Mill Tavern in Seekonk has been around on this site since 1745, originally built to help farmers grind their corn. Eventually, it morphed into the restaurant it is now.

Last week, the Fall River Avenue mainstay got a pretty obvious addition to its roof: an inflatable 20-foot lobster.

Karl Pelletier

The lobster is in a trial residency and is an undeniable eye-catcher as you drive by. It was shipped all the way from California, although you may have seen this guy on the Cape at some point as well as at Taste of Maine, a restaurant in the Pine Tree State.

The lobster was originally installed to promote Lobsterfest and Old Grist Mill's lobster roll, which comes in two sizes.

Karl Pelletier

Lobster aside, it's been years since any changes have been made over at the tavern but if you have been by recently, you may have noticed a few small upgrades to the menu and there is a reason for that.

Karl Pelletier, owner of Fall River's Tipsy Toboggan, has been working closely with Old Grist Mill owner. Esmay has owned the Seekonk establishment for over 20 years.

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Esmay's plan is to retire and Pelletier's plan is to purchase the 300-year-old building.  Although there is no exact timeline, lots of exciting things are going on at the Old Grist Mill Tavern, including some small changes to the menu that many are raving about including, yes, a giant lobster roll.

The lobster atop the restaurant might be some competition for the massive termite known as the Big Blue Bug, which overlooks busy I-95 in Rhode Island.

Installing the massive roof lobster was no easy task. Just take a look at this time-lapse video:

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