Nike just dropped one of the coolest ads I’ve ever seen, and I can’t stop watching it.

In a year where sports have been lacking, Nike shows up with this ad to remind us of the power of teamwork and passion. If you need some motivation today, this is a must-watch.

The message is clear: “you can’t stop sport, and you can’t stop us.” This 90-second clip merges the sports of the world in unity with its flawless editing, combining one person to the next, illustrating the similarities between the athletes.

A swimmer merges with a track runner as they prepare for their heat. Serena Williams merges with Venus Williams as they rock back and forth in anticipation of the serve. A girl with a prosthetic leg starts a cartwheel as a gymnast finishes the mount. The creator must have poured through hundreds of hours of footage to line up these moments up flawlessly. Ninety seconds of athletes mirroring each other to share a message of hope and perseverance.

Ads like these are unique. They make you feel something that goes far beyond the product they are selling. Nike managed to pull at the heartstrings of both athletes and families as they eloquently pushed the message on the importance of unity.

“When we’re doubted, we’ll play as one...

If we don’t fit the sport, we’ll change the sport...

When things aren’t fair, we’ll come together for change...

We have a responsibility to make this world a better place.”

With over 10 million views in just 24 hours, it is safe to say that Nike’s message is being heard.

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