Think you love coffee? Then perhaps you could be Gevalia's Queen of Coffee and get paid to drink it in a castle for a week.

When I first read this story, it sounded like a dream. I seriously thought I was just way too tired to truly be reading this news correctly.

But no, it is real. And it is spectacular.

Gevalia Kaffe is actually looking to pay someone to live in a Scottish castle like royalty for a week.

You'd win the trip to Scotland, a $5,000 salary check, $2,000 spending cash, a personal maid and butler, spa treatments and of course Gevalia swag.

You could be staying in this bedroom.

Oliver bedroom

Getting spa treatments here

Oliver bathroom

Enjoying award-winning catering in a piano dining room

Piano Room Dining Room

Unless you need something bigger...

The Orangery

And of course you'll be drinking Gevalia Kaffe in all of these swanky rooms. All. Week. Long.

Marble Lounge

Honestly, the modern look to the inside of this castle is stunning. Not at all what you'd expect when you think of staying in a Scottish castle if you ask me.

Carlowrie hallway

But I so want to stay here.

Marshall bedroom

If you do too, here's what you need to do to make it happen.

Enter to be the Queen of Gevalia (or King, I'm sure) at

A super easy (and super cheeky) entry form takes about 30 seconds to fill out, including a brief description of why you should win. And have fun with this part. As the company says themselves, the winner will be picked based on relatability, sense of humor, creativity and love of coffee.

So think of all the reasons you drink as much coffee as you do and let Gevalia know by 11:59 p.m. on December 21st when this dream contest ends.

Get the full contest details here.

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