Sometimes the love from an animal is all you need in life.

About a month ago, I had four kittens that needed a good home. Between The Michael Rock Show and the wonderful world of social media, I was able to find loving families for all four.

I'll be honest: yes, I miss them.

It's never easy to get rid of animals who have made your home their own, regardless of how long they've stayed.

That being said, I was told an amazing story this morning from a co-worker about her sister-in-law and brother-in-law., one of the families who became the "parents" of one of my kittens. For the privacy of the family, I will not disclose any names.

Before the kitten was given to them, the family was going through a tough time. They had recently lost their family cat to a wild animal. The poor thing was mauled to death in their back yard, and the sister-in-law witnessed the tragic, horrific attack.

For months, she was attending therapy sessions. She loved her cat and as someone who has cats, I would be an absolute mess as well. She started to slip into a depression, and who could blame her? Pets are family members too, and I can completely understand how much this bothered her.

Now for the happy part of the story...

A month after she received the kitten, she bacame attached, and loved it as if it were a newborn baby, slowly allowing happiness to be a part of her life again. The kitten brought her joy.

Are you ready for the best part?

Thanks to the kitten and the love it has shown her (and vice versa), she no longer feels she needs to go to therapy. The kitten has brought new hope into her life and that alone is an incredibly happy ending!

So it just goes to show you, that whether you have a dog or a cat or maybe even a pet llama, animals (for the most part) are here to love us and make us feel whole inside, just like my kitten did for this nice Acushnet woman.

I honestly couldn't be happier to hear such great news.


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