At the close of the year, we want to see what videos YOU watched the most. Here is a list of our top 10 most viewed videos of 2015!

  • 1

    Palace Pizza Delivery Driver Jarrid Tansey Talks About His Viral Celebrity Status

    Local delivery driver Jarrid Tansey became a worldwide sensation after a heated run-in at a business in Westport over what he thought was a $7 tip. We caught up with him to see what it was like to become insta-famous.

  • 2

    Girl in the Green Hat Speaks

    Lucy, the woman in the infamous F&R Auto video, called into the Morning Show to give her side on what happened with the delivery driver, Jarrid Tansey.

  • 3

    Michael Ramos Says Pizza Guy is at Fault

    Michael Ramos of F&R Auto Sales, who can be seen in the original video calling for the pizza delivery guy's job in a profanity-laced rant, joined us on the Fun Morning Show to speak about what happened with Jarrid Tansey.

  • 4

    Gary Batista Releases Statement About Pizza Delivery Incident

    Gary Batista, general manager of F & R Auto Sales, released the following statement in response to the incident which happened with the pizza delivery driver, Jarrid Tansey, from Palace Pizza on Saturday, January 10, 2015.

  • 5

    Fun Morning Show Interviews Michael Bergin

    Our favorite guy from Southie, Michael Bergin, joined the Fun Morning Show after a video of him and his cousin Jay went viral. The pair came across a creature in the sea that they just couldn't figure out what it was. "It's a tuna, bro!"

  • 6

    Morning Talker; Maroon 5 Crashes Weddings and Harvard Picks Chris Pratt To Roast

    Maroon 5 turned into real life wedding crashers. In the video for the band's new single "Sugar" they surprise random brides and grooms with performances.

  • 7

    Interview With "America's Got Talent" Contestant Samantha Johnson

    Local celebrity, Samantha Johnson, sat down with the Fun Morning Show after her stellar performance on America's Got Talent. 

  • 8

    The Portuguese Kids: Vavó's Last Words

    The Portuguese Kids are officially part of the FUN 107 family and here is their first video for us, "Vavó's Last Words." What will your Vavó say to you?

  • 9

    Aiden's Story - Part 2

    Fun 107, The United Way of Greater New Bedford and our amazing listeners were able to grant one local mother's holiday wish and make her season so much brighter!

  • 10

    The Portuguese Kids: Reading The Mail

    In this "Portuguese Pop," Brian reads mail to his father and hilarity ensues.