If you were in Fall River on Friday you may have seen some bright lights and cameras at some of the busiest parts of the city.  A music video was filmed for Fun 107 throwback artist Rockell.  She is best known for her freestyle brand of music from the late 1990's.  To this day, some of her songs still occasionally find their way onto the Back in the Day Cafe.

If you listened to Fun 107 during that era, you 100% heard Rockell's songs.  I checked the Fun 107 records.  In just the years of 1999 and 2000 we played Rockell's "In A Dream" well over a thousand times.  That doesn't even count her freestyle single with Collage, a remake of the 1980's hit "Can't We Try" by Dan Hill.

After stepping away from the music scene for a minute, Rockell has decided to make a comeback with a remake of a Supremes song.  "You Keep Me Hanging On" was also a successful single for Kim Wilde in 1986.

A spokesperson for Rockell says she wanted to remake the song because she survived domestic violence for several years.  Her manager, Paul Lopes, says the lyrics "set me free" and "you keep me hanging on" really speak to her and her struggle.  "We didn't want to shoot this video in a big city like New York with skyscrapers behind her, that's why we chose to film in Fall River," said Lopes during his appearance on Michael and Maddie.

Interestingly enough, the music video is being produced by the Portuguese Kids.  "They're very good producers.  They do their own music videos, which are obviously funny stuff, but they put a script together that blew us away," said Lopes.

Filming began late Friday morning at the Cove Restaurant in Fall River.  There was also a scene filmed at Kennedy Park.  Rockell also filmed a scene near the Doran School on Columbia Street and right in the heart of downtown on South Main Street.

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