She's had some ups and downs the last month or so, but for right now Katy Perry is riding high at the top of the charts.

Katy Perry is kicking off a new month with her hit "Dark Horse" at number one on the charts, a place she is very comfortable with. But she's also starting her spring with a new hair color (slime green she calls it) and a new (quite expensive) hobby.

While many are spring cleaning, Katy Perry has decided to start spring collecting. As Perry told E! News' Marc Malkin she plans to "slowly become an art collector." Perry went on to say that she is interested in "modern contemporary art and pop art" as well as "key photography" and she plans on getting herself an art history education.

She better get as much art gallery time as she can throughout April, cause starting May 7 Katy Perry will be on the road for seven months with her Prismatic World Tour.

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