A startling moment on the show this morning when one of our callers accused me of coming off as a snob.

Take a listen.

I have decided to treat this moment as an awakening.  An opportunity to become a better person.  It's got me thinking.  Do I REALLY come off as a snob?  And if I do, what can I do about it?  My fear is that there's really much I CAN do, apart from a few wardrobe adjustments.  The consensus was that I just have a snobbish "look" or "air" about me.  JR and Larry said that rockin' my bowties and Nantucket red pants don't really help my cause.

Needless to say, Larry's working overtime today digging though the files from our photo shoot last week to uncover THE most incriminating photo possible.  And I KNOW he's going to attach it here.  So please don't let the ridiculous photo sway your opinion too much.

The era of a kinder, gentler Michael Rock begins tomorrow.

Humbly yours,