If you are an adult and you have managed to maintain more than five friendships outside of your family, I consider you a socialite expert.

The older I get, the busier my life gets, and the harder it becomes to maintain friendships, never mind forming new ones. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love a weekend or two to break free from my normal routine and get to know some other adults going through the same struggle.

I came across a woman soliciting for friends online, and it got my wheels turning. There are plenty of dating apps out there, but what about friendship apps?

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This particular woman asked a local Facebook group if anyone in it was looking for some new friends in the area. Her post was met with several suggestions of local organizations and upcoming events on the SouthCoast that could be great ways to meet people, but I noticed one potential problem. What if this person is an introvert, or isn’t quite ready to break out of her comfort zone?

The convenience of a dating app takes that awkward chit-chat out of the picture that people go through during the first meeting. You can swipe left or right from the comfort of your couch and make an executive decision on whether or not to move forward. Why not have the same system for adult friendships?

Apply it to a friendship app, and you just got yourself out of attending a random event, hoping to meet someone you like.

Imagine an app filled with people just looking to expand their friend group. You could list your hobbies, interests, and a few facts about yourself.

And there is really no need for pictures. You’re looking for good friends, not a potential partner.

Let’s hear it, adults. Would you ever consider using a “friendship” app to expand your social circle?

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