The Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation has announced it will support Friends of Jack for the work they do here for the children of the SouthCoast.

According to its website, the Dunkin Joy in Childhood Foundation's mission is to provide the "simple joys of childhood to kids battling hunger or illness."

This aligns perfectly with Friends of Jack's mission.

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Friends of Jack is responsible for the salaries of a number of child-life specialists in hospitals across the region. The specialists do everything they can to help kids and their families overcome difficult procedures they may be faced with at the hospital.

Superhero masks and capes are provided to the little patients by Friends of Jack.

The Mattapoisett-based foundation also supplies SouthCoast police departments with stuffed animals that they can give to children during difficult times, such as domestic disputes.

Jill Fearons is the founder and president of the Friends of Jack Foundation.

"We were so surprised to receive this grant from Dunkin'," she said. "It's rare all together to get a grant that you weren't actively applying for, never mind when it comes from a company that everyone knows and loves."

Fearons and Executive Director Peter Cohenno spent Iced Coffee Day in May at Dunkin's headquarters with nine other local charities in Massachusetts.

Fearons says that the $5,000 Dunkin' donation will go right out into the SouthCoast community, "but it's really the acknowledgment of all the hard work that means the most. This recognition belongs to everyone who has supported the Friends of Jack and made it what it is today."

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