Yo Quiero Taco Bell!

If Taco Tuesday isn't one of the greatest days of the week... then I don't know what is. Recently, a promotion from Taco Bell called "Steal A Taco" and Thanks to the NBA and the Golden State Warriors (regardless if they lost the Finals), they clinched a win on game 4 on the road, granting everybody in America a FREE Doritos Locos Taco!

The good news is that even if the Warriors lost that game, the Cavaliers still won games 5 and 7 on the road, which would have clinched a taco victory as well!

Claim your free taco today from 2-6 PM ONLY!

Gather up your friends, head over to Taco Bell and be sure to use the Hashtag #StealATaco when you snap a photo of your delicious Doritos Locos Taco!