I know the Patriots are just getting back to business, but I'm pretty hype over something else.

We know where we expect the Patriots to be. They're going to be great and we know it. They always are! But the Celtics are ready to reach that level now, too. I know going into last year it felt the same way, but there were a few more questions on the roster.

How good is Jayson Tatum? Can Jaylen Brown continue to improve and is he ready to be a starter? How will they be defensively after losing Avery Bradley? We didn't know any of this going into last year, but all those questions were answered and more last year.

They were great defensively, actually they were better than the year before. Jaylen showed he's a budding star and Tatum looked like the best of the rookie class (get out of here, Ben Simmons, you're not a real rookie).

The only issue last year was that there were some BIG injuries, but in the last few days the team has been rounding itself back out.

Kyrie Irving today was cleared for basketball activities again, and is on the court with Team USA.

Last week, Gordon Hayward posted a video on his Instagram where he wasn't just taking shots--he was cutting, running and looking like the old Gordon again.

I love you football, but I'm geeking out hard for this NBA season already!


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