A new invention could possibly spell the end of the waitering profession as we know it.

British sushi chain YO! Sushi has unveiled a flying food tray at one of its restaurants in London that brings orders to customers and prevents staff from having to, you know, spend more time talking to people.

The iTray, which is controlled by an iPad, is the 21st century novelty version of the waitress on roller skates and comes equipped with a camera so employees in the kitchen can make sure the food has been brought out. The waiter, meanwhile, responsible for taking the order can busy himself with taking orders at another table, while silently praying this latest culinary technological innovation doesn't hurt his tip.

Yes, it’s cool, but think of the downside – you can’t complain to a tray when you get the wrong order, it may develop a mind of its own like HAL in ‘2001’ and it could become so frighteningly efficient wannabe actors around the world will have to find new ways to pay the bills before they hit it so big they can afford the flying food tray for home.

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