Did you know that it is illegal to fly a drone above New Bedford Whaling Museum?

In fact, there are a number of locations on the SouthCoast that have restricted fly space for drones.

It probably won't come as a surprise, but no one is allowed to fly a drone anywhere near or above airports. This would include the space above New Bedford Regional Airport, U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod, Cape Cod Gateway Airport and the entire outer Cape from Chatham all the way up to Provincetown, the entire area designated as the National Seashore.

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Closer to home, some drone operators might now know that included in the list of places that restrict drone flight are national parks. Much like Cape Cod's National Seashore, national parks have been considered "no-drone zones" since 2014. Flying above a national park means stiff fines and penalties according to the B4UFLY app through the Federal Aviation Administration.

This most definitely includes New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, which is considered "critical infrastructure."

The airspace above St. Luke's Hospital could be iffy, as well.  The concern here would be the possibility of a med flight coming or going from the hospital's heliport. Drones may frequently be allowed in this airspace, but checking the status before the flight is expected.

The Acushnet River also falls into this category because it is an uncontrolled seaport.

Know the Rules Before You Fly

Massport and the Massachusetts State Police are encouraging drone owners and operators to know the rules before they fly. The FAA requires all drones over .55 pounds to be registered and must be marked with the registration number. Operators must carry proof of registration.

Other regulations:

  • Flying drones in controlled airspace, around and above airports, is prohibited without prior FAA approval
  • Violators will be subject to penalties for breaking the law
  • Never fly drones near any aircraft
  • Keep your drone in sight at all times and fly lower than 400 feet.

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