Once upon a time as I drove into the radio station to do the morning show, my car hit a patch of  "black ice", and flipped over about one-and-a-half times.   I was buckled in and had seen that happen in Nascar hundreds of times, so I was just fine.  Even made it to the studio in time for the start of the show. That would not have been the case this morning.   As I walked to my car, I saw what I thought was a cat walking across my driveway. When I got closer I realized it was not a black and white cat. It was a skunk. I will admit my heart did stop for a second.   "What do I do now, stand still or run?" In the dim light from the street, I think there was even a second of eye contact between me and the little beast.    But I guess he saw me as little threat.  He scurried out of the driveway and I made my way into the studio, un-scented.

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