Summer is here, and with it comes hot temperatures and a the desire to get into big business. Okay, so maybe not big business, more like small business. We're talking lemonade stands. 

Sure a lemonade stand is great, but can't we get creative? There are certainly more options and opportunity then just the same old beverage, right? Not that lemonade isn't delicious, but we can get that stuff anywhere. So what kind of alternatives are out there for our little entrepreneurs? Plenty:

A Temporary Tattoo Booth


Sure it's a little bit rebellious, but a little soap and water will wash it all away. Plus, there's a  good chance the only 'ink' they'll be coming home with is a heart, rainbow or unicorn. maybe the boys will have a skull, but no big deal, right?

Fishing Bait

Tim Shearer, flickr

Let's face it, kids like to play with gross stuff, especially worms. Take advantage of it! Have Junior dig up some big juicy night crawlers, put them in a bucket and send some fish a  free lunch. You'll be helping out the local fishermen, and we know how important that is in New Bedford.



Susie sells she - no - seashells by the she- ahh forget it. These little guys are all over the southcoast. While people are making their way out the Cape this summer, sell them a couple of souvenirs!

Flower Stand

Getty Images

How easy is this!? Head out to any field and pick some wild flowers, set them up in a bucket, add some water and price accordingly. We hear daisies are fetching a good price this time of year.

5 cent Therapy Booth

National General Pictures

Your friends probably have problems. Why not set up shop, charge .05 cents and make a little bit of profit for your time? It always worked for Lucy, right?