Though the waters around Massachusetts are probably still too cold for most of us to jump in and swim, the sharks seem to think things are warming up around here.

Earlier this month the Atlantic Shark Institute in Wakefield, RI began their field season, tagging three white sharks in just a few days. Now the first public great white shark sighting of the season was captured on video over the weekend.

A group of whale watchers got quite the surprise last Saturday morning when they came upon a great white shark having its breakfast. The shark had found himself a seal and was chowing down at Stellwagen Bank as the boat passed by.

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As the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch crew reported, they came across the shark stalking a juvenile grey seal near the mouth of Massachusetts Bay and watched as the nearly 12 foot shark caught and ate his breakfast.

They said the whole meal took about 7 minutes and the passengers aboard their boat were left in awe.

I think I too would be in awe, as long as I could watch the shark eating from the safety of a boat.

Each season there are dozens of great white shark sightings across the Massachusetts' coastline and obviously another busy one is already gearing up.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy in Chatham is encouraging beachgoers to break out those Sharktivity apps and start reporting any sightings they may have.

It's just one of the ways this group works to track sharks throughout the summer and warn boaters beachgoers and kayakers of dangers that could be lurking. It is free to download and can be used to report sharks of get alerts to sharks nearby.

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