It appears lots of star activity is taking place this year. That just means more opportunity for us to see this beautiful universe do its thing.

This week will kick off what is said to be an active month of meteor showers. Luckily, the SouthCoast will get to experience two consecutive showers this week.

The first will happen Tuesday into Wednesday and is called the Draconid Meteor shower. The experts are saying this shower can be pretty unpredictable, with as few as 10 visible showers and hour to hundreds. This shower is known for having some of the brightest fireballs, and the weather is calling for clear skies that should make for perfect viewing.

They are saying the moon will be bright, so it's important to focus your attention away from the moon to see the meteors.

These tend to be the brightest of the meteor showers during this time of year so we should get a great show from this.

I did find this podcast pretty insightful:

Looks like this meteor show is just the beginning of the action we will see in the sky this month.

As mentioned, there will be two consecutive meteor showers this week. The next one will happen Wednesday into Thursday and is called the Southern Taurid meteor shower. Experts are saying we will have pretty good viewing conditions for this show as well.

Looks like this week would be a perfect week to grab some apple cider, warm it up and just sit on your porch and stargaze. I know it's near impossible to capture these on camera but if you do, please share!

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