A new app described as "Yelp for Sensory Needs" is in the works and could be your phone before you know it.

If you have an Autistic child or are someone who suffers from PTSD, certain atmospheres are not for you.

Many families just avoid crowded venues and overstimulating environments altogether. But wouldn't it be great to know exactly where you could go to find quieter, inclusive spaces to go instead of simply knowing what to avoid?

Well the folks at KultureCity in Birmingham, Alabama are with you. And are trying to do something about it.

KultureCity has already been working with sports teams as well as zoos and aquariums in the US to train employees on sensory needs and to help roll out sensory-inclusive programming.

But now the company wants to take things one step further.

In an interview with FastCompany.com, KultureCity's CEO Julian Maha said creating the sensory-inclusive atmospheres are only one half the battle. Now they have to tell families how to find them.

And they want to do that with an app.

Though they had hoped to launch this app on World Autism Day, April 2, so far their site still says "coming soon"

When 'soon' is remains to be seen, but when the app does launch it will offer parents a guide to sensory-inclusive spaces and businesses near them and across the country.

It'll have photos, videos and info on the types of sensory-inclusive services available. It will also allow users to rate the businesses and comment on their experiences there.

They say it'll cost $0.99 to download.

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