It is no secret that Hollywood favors the young and beautiful but should a female actor earn less per role once she passes her prime?

USA Today reported a study conducted by the Journal of Management Inquiry stating an actress sees an increase in her salary throughout her twenties but drops rapidly once she reaches 34 while a male actor reaches his prime at 51 but there is no sign of a decreasing salary with age. The study examined 265 actors and actresses from 1968 through 2008.

It is no secret that Hollywood portrays an unrealistic expectation of its females and they feel the pressure to maintain a youthful appearance. Hollywood is not allowing these women to age, making growing old unacceptable. Jane Fonda, 76, said when referring to actresses her age that they must "let it be known" they want to work. "It's hard".

Of course there are exceptions. Look at Meryl Streep, she has been around the industry and managed to maintain her status as a leading lady even after her prime. You go girl! Unfortunately, in the cut-throat world of Hollywood most actresses are not so lucky.

Actresses shouldn't have to earn less because of the pressure society has put on them. Their acting ability doesn't change just because their age has! Hollywood puts so much pressure on women, that a lot times they feel the need to resort to plastic surgery in order to maintain their place in the industry. Men in Hollywood don't face nearly as much pressure! For example look at Steve Buscemi, he's not the most attractive guy in my opinion, but he is a great actor, so he gets offered a ton of movie roles!

Not fair Hollywood, not fair!