February 26, 2014 marks a very important day in history.  It has been dubbed 'National Larry Day!'  Today, I celebrate my 36th birthday and I hope all of the listeners will join me.

It'll be a day filled with colorful balloons and a Carvel ice cream cake, hopefully, and gifts are always welcome.

If you too would like to celebrate my birthday to show your appreciation, that would be awesome as well.

UPDATE - 7am

I have been presented with Birthday Brownies from the FUN Morning Show.  Mmm... brownies.

UPDATE - 7:35am

Those that have birthday celebrations today have the added pleasure of sharing February 26th with yours truly.

UPDATE - 8:20am

I have been presented with my Carvel Ice Cream Cake!  They are the best thing ever.  So happy that they still exist after the Carvel Stores have since passed on.

UPDATE - 8:22am

The cake is gone.  That cookie middle is the best!

UPDATE - 8:50am

The FUN Morning Show sings "Happy Birthday."   Watch the video below to see Michael Rock's enthusiasm.