A group of burglars and identity thieves are targeting women and the FBI is telling you how to stay safe.

It's an organized crime ring that has stolen millions of dollars from women in dozens of states and they've recently struck in Rhode Island.

The FBI calls them the 'Felony Lane Gang' and they target gyms, daycares and parks...places where women are more likely to leave their purses in their cars.

The group reportedly uses rental cars with heavily tinted windows to conduct surveillance and then steal IDs, credit cards and checkbooks from unattended vehicles.

They then use your ID to disguise themselves as you and head straight to your bank. With the right wig, your ID and your checkbook they then withdraw thousands of dollars from your account...probably even before you know your stuff was stolen.

FBI Tennessee Office

The FBI says they make the withdrawals from the last lane of the bank's drive-up window (apparently referred to as the felony lane), farthest away from the teller's view.

The 'Felony Lane Gang' started in Florida, but have most recently been active in Cranston, RI according to WPRI 12.

So what can you do to stay safe?

Police and FBI stress that you should NEVER leave your purse unattended in your car. Keeping IDs, credit cards and checkbooks on your person when you are out and about is the most important way to keep your information safe from this group of thieves.

And if you happen to see any suspicious women staking out your gym or local park, you can contact the local FBI office or submit an anonymous tip right online.