With Father's Day right around the corner, its important to remeber just how much our fathers mean to us.

Nypost.com wrote an interesting article about just what exactly our dads contribute to our lives.

In fact, fathers contribute so much more to our lives than we realize.

A father's contributuions start during pregnancy, believe it or not! A study shows that death rates of infants whose fathers were not around during pregnancy are four times higher than than those with engaged fathers.

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The contributions continue with pregnancy pains. Believe it or not, it happens to dads too, more often than we realize! A dad's depression during his partner's pregnancy can increase the child's risk of life long depression.

A study by Lynne Vernon-Feaggans at the University of North Carolina, states a child's vocabulary depends on fathers more than mothers.

In middle class families, language development depends heavily on parent's level of education and of course, the quality of childcare.

When father's use more words with their children during playtime, it is proven that they develop more advanced language skills later on in life and and is also linked to success in school.

Many studies suggest that father's also have a profound influence on their daughter's sexual behavior. Studies show "a robust association between father absence- both physical and psychological - and accelerated reproductive development and sexual risk-taking in daughters," wrote Vernon-Feaggans.