While a good portion of Rhode Island is farmland, I grew up seaside, so my interactions with farm animals were few and far between. You won’t find cows and chickens running loose in my area, but I guess it’s not uncommon in Dartmouth, where reports of farm animals on the main roads have been popping up.

I’ve never seen a cow walking along a main road before, but I would have to imagine it’s a funny sight. Seeing a chicken actually cross a road would have me dying laughing in my car. Nonetheless, animal sightings have been reported in the Dartmouth area, and out of my own curiosity, I decided to do some digging.

I put out my feelers on Facebook, asking the community about the sightings of loose farm animals, and there was no shortage of responses.

One woman said she heard chickens on Dartmouth Street and cows this morning near the high school, while Gazelle decided to chime and say, “Sounds tasty to me.” Yuck!

The Dartmouth Police Department told me that they received a phone call early this morning about cows walking in the middle of the road. It was probably a funny sight to see police officers ushering cows off of the street.

Another woman named Jeana chimed into the Facebook conversation and said that there was a cow on the highway one night. “He was on the wrong side of the road headed east. I called 9-1-1 and when the operator asked what my emergency was, I paused, and she said, ‘Are you calling about the cow? Someone is on the way.’”

These animal reports are totally unheard of in my neck of the woods. How do the animals get out? What do you do when you see a lost farm animal? Is this a typical occurrence on the SouthCoast?

I would be a deer (or cow) in the headlights if I found myself in a situation like this.

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