Tractor Supply Sells Chicks For Eating
Yesterday, I was out checking out the new Tractor Supply store in Fairhaven with my son. While walking around, I stumbled upon some baby chicks. My son loved them and thought they were absolutely adorable.  I overheard a worker telling another customer, though, that these chickens were for eati…
"Oh, (BLEEP)"
Trying to stop a wedding ceremony? You can "speak now or forever hold your peace" or...just days before the can dump a huge pile of chicken manure yards away.
The 12 Funniest Chickens on the Web
We’ve seen our fair share of entertaining animals. Horses and birds are among our favorites, but there’s a particular version of the latter that has gotten our attention of late. Ladies and gents, today we bring you the funniest chickens on the Web, because, well, it&…