When Patti Geary was 57 years old, she decided she had put off her dream long enough.  She had always dreamed of serving delicious Polish food to her beloved City of Fall River.  "I loved the Polish food my grandmother made.  The pierogis, golabkis, the kielbasa.  I loved it all."

She also recognized that there was no one in the Fall River area that was serving this kind of food.  "I definitely did my research before we opened the restaurant in 2009.  Back in the day there were many Polish immigrants in the city and a lot of Polish churches.  There were Polish festivals and little stores and deli marts.  There was a void, however, for Polish food.  It was getting hard to find a good pierogi.  I was filling the need of what was lacking.  I looked around and I could see what was coming."

Geary told us that even when she was in her 30's she had dreams of  opening a Polish restaurant, "but life got in the way.  I didn't get around to doing it until I was in my late 50's."  She says she's a living example of being able to make a career change and pivot even if you are pushing 60.  If you have a dream it might take a long time, but if you have a dream and a passion don't give up on it.  Even if you're in your 50's, 60's or 70's!  Keep going for it."

No one, not even her children, knew that she was putting the business up for sale until last week.  "Everybody panicked," said Geary.  "I'm not closing my doors.  No.  The people that work for me...their jobs are secured here.  They're happy here.  They love it here.  They're not going anywhere.  Stop the Pierogi Panic!"  She even assured us that her secret recipes will be a part of the sale of the business.

While she says she still has the energy to run the business until she finds the right buyer to keep it open, she is definitely ready to retire.  "I put off so much.  Family vacations, parties and holidays.  I was only planning on doing this for 5 years.  Here we are 14 years later, and I'm still here."

The takeaway for fans of Patti's is that Patti's Pierogis is not going anywhere.  She will not sell until she finds the right buyer to continue the successful restaurant.  Your pierogis are safe.

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