As a kid, one of my fondest memories was visiting the carousel by the Fall River Heritage State Park.

My memory is faint but vivid enough to remember that the "black horse" was always my favorite of the group. Don't ask me why, I was just a five-year-old kid excited to ride. All I could recall is how significantly close the outer color scheme of the amusement ride resembled Freddy Krueger of those A Nightmare on Elm Street horror movies.

If you ask me, the carousel doesn't get the love it deserves these days, but something came along to sweeten the place up and it revolves around ice cream. Carousel Creamery is Fall River's newest and latest ice cream shop that scoops up all the feels of being a kid again and yes, those flying horses that we've grown up with are still there.

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Carousel Creamery announced on its Instagram back on September 12 that the doors were officially open.

Located at 1 Central Street, the Fall River Carousel itself will also be making a comeback after being shut down for restoration. So if you were like me as a kid and enjoyed this local amusement ride – especially if you now have kids of your own – relive your childhood once again on the Fall River carousel and treat yourself to a sweet treat of a cup or cone of ice cream.

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