Drivers on the SouthCoast have been traversing the Braga Bridge in Fall River for over 50 years. Opening in April of 1966, the Braga Bridge has been silently helping motorists get from Providence to New Bedford and out to Cape Cod – but how much do we really appreciate it?

Apparently, not that much.

Despite the Braga have the distinction of being one of the longest bridges in all of Massachusetts and having been featured in major motion pictures, Google reviewers aren't impressed and drivers have a lot to say about Fall River's most famous bridge.

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Reviews for bridges is weird, am I right? I mean reviewing a concert, a restaurant and business makes sense; you want to give others thinking of experiencing what you already have an idea of what to expect. But a bridge?

These might truly be the most unnecessary reviews on the internet and yet they are so darn entertaining. It's not just the Braga Bridge getting roasted, either.

Jack Alt once wrote of the Bourne Bridge, "10/10 will bridge here again. Better view than its twin. Also, true Cape Codders prefer this bridge to the other one, as it lets them be on the Cape 5 mins longer."

The New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge presumably gets most of its terrible reviews while people are stuck waiting for it to open and close, though one reviewer gave the bridge five stars. Michael Chadwick wrote, "A modern marvel in the city of New Bedford. One might even consider it the cities (sic) crown jewel. A must see if you visit."

Chadwick's sarcasm is how many seem to feel about reviewing a bridge, so grab another cup of whatever you're drinking right now and enjoy the ridiculous hilarity.

Not-So-Rave Reviews for Fall River's Braga Bridge

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