As I watch the snow fall outside of my window with no signs of stopping, I would like to remind you that there are only 38 days until spring. But until then, let’s fill up our social calendar with events that will keep the winter blues at bay. I have my eye on the Fall River Winterbridge.

Hosted by Viva Fall River and We Love Fall River, the Winterbridge is a new outdoor community event destination located at Gromada Plaza. Starting on February 12, a massive collaboration will be introduced to Fall River taking place on Friday nights and Saturday mornings for six weeks that will provide a safe environment for outdoor activities, shopping, and giveaways.

The official event page on Facebook reads, “Come warm up by the fire pits or chill out and listen to some music. Programming varies each week and updates will be posted (on the event page)”.

The City of Fall River/Mayor Coogan’s Office, the Fall River Arts and Culture Coalition, One SouthCoast Chamber, BayCoast Bank, MassDevelopment’s TDI Initiative/Viva Fall River, and We Love Fall River all came together to create a seasonal experience and provide a safe way to enjoy Fall River and show your love for the area.

Each night will offer something new, with its opening night on February 12 catered towards Valentine’s Day. Rustic Rose Flower Cart will be selling floral arrangements and assorted treats from Dunny’s Bistro, and Coastal Foodshed Mobile Pop-Up Market will be serving up locally grown food.

I must admit, this team thought of everything. If you don’t feel comfortable getting out of your car to enjoy the experience, they will be offering a “Stop, Shop and Go” express lane on Pocasset Street where you can simply drive up, pick what you want, and go.

The location for Winterbridge is perfect for anyone who would like to enjoy a night downtown, and I have a feeling there will be plenty of photo opportunities with the vendors and entertainment coming alive under the Braga Bridge.

Follow the official Facebook Event page to stay up to date on the Fall River Winterbridge: A Place to Warm Up and Chill Out.

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