The bustling city of Fall River is constantly changing and upgrading. From the SouthCoast Marketplace to the new public family picnic area, I let out a sigh of relief to see it heading into the right direction.

When it comes to putting in a water fire area, similar to the Providence WaterFire, I can 100 percent see Fall River sprucing up the waterways of the Quequechan. This idea was originally presented to me by City Council President Cliff Ponte, Jr., whose goal is to bring a little flair to the waterfront. I'm not a tax payer in the city, but if I was, I'd be content with this project.

Near Battleship Cove, in between the Fall River Heritage State Park and the Fall River Heritage State Building, is where Ponte believes would be the perfect location and once again, he's not wrong. Imagine having a waterside tavern or restaurant like The Cove in that vicinity while the water fires are lit up? They'd be packed and have some of the best views of such a cool event.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Of course, with all projects, a plan must be put into place, but this seems reasonable to accomplish. Again, I'm no politician, nor would I know where to begin, but I approve of bringing something like this to the city. It's just another reason to be considered a destination. Out with the old, in with the new.

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