We can all agree that Mother's Day 2020 just wasn't the same.

No brunches, no family gatherings around the living room, and the one that hurts the most, no hugs.

Even though we're living through these strange and gloomy times, one young man from Fall River found a way to part the dark clouds and bring his grandmothers a ray of sunshine through the power of song.

Noah Daniel Cabral is a 13-year-old with musical talent who doesn't let his autism get in the way. Cabral wanted to surprise both of his grandmothers on Mother's Day, so he thought up a gift they'll never forget.

With the help of his parents, Cabral brought over to each grandmother a microphone, a speaker, and a song he picked out specifically for the occasion: Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love With You."

Grandmother's House #1:

Grandmother's House #2:

"Noah is home-schooled due to not having a place for him in the local public school system where he could effectively learn," older sister Meaghan Cabral said.

Throughout Noah's life, he has battled and adapted to his diagnosis of high-functioning autism and anxiety.

"He is a very intelligent young man who is kind and caring," Meaghan said. "He began music lessons a couple of years ago when we where informed music is very helpful to a person with his needs.

Noah began playing bass guitar at Fall River Arts Academy with his instructor Amato and Cabral's family immediately saw a change in his confidence and self-esteem. About a year later, he began playing in one of TJ’s All-Star bands “Level Up."

"The band consists of children his age playing rock songs, meeting every week to learn and practice together," Meaghan said.

At the same time he began playing in Level Up, he began voice lessons with his instructor Giulia at Fall River Arts Academy.

"Noah loves music and it helps so much with his anxiety and social interaction," Meaghan said. "During the recent stay-at-home situation, he has continued his lessons via Zoom and unfortunately has not been able to practice with his band but looks forward to practicing with them again soon."

The power of music has completely changed Noah's outlook on life, given him many opportunities that weren't deemed possible and allowed him to socially interact with peers in a positive productive way.

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