Do me a favor real quick and remember back to 2012. "The Hunger Games" hit theaters, Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed Blue Ivy into the world, and no one would stop saying "YOLO."

What a year it was to be alive, and here on the SouthCoast, Fall River's New Harbour Mall was still up and running. In fact, the mall wouldn't officially close its doors for good until 2016, when crews would gear up for an 18-month construction project to build the new SouthCoast Marketplace plaza in its place.

While I was recently scrolling down William Canning Boulevard on Google Maps' street view feature, I came across something that took me back for a second. While most of the 360-degree stills are usually updated every couple of years, there was one still that popped up on my screen from 2012. There it showed sign for the New Harbour Mall, in all its glory, the tall sign towering over William Canning Boulevard drivers, and the Burger King that's been standing steady on the corner for so many years. But then I looked across the street.

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Another photo from 2012 showed the old Rite Aid location that used to sit on that corner in Fall River, and the more I moved from still to still, I was transported through time, from 2012 to 2019 to 2021. So many changes came to that intersection over nearly ten years, even when it came to the increase in crosswalks.

See How Much This Fall River Intersection Has Changed in a Decade

Well this is surely a blast from the past. While exploring Google Maps' street view feature recently, I came across an old still from 2012 mixed in with the more recent ones. It showed an almost decade-old look at Fall River's New Harbour Mall, which is now dead and has been replaced by the stores at the SouthCoast Marketplace. The more I looked around the intersection on William Canning Boulevard, the more I began to see remnants of the past, some that may now be long-forgotten for some. This Fall River intersection has changed so much in the past near-decade, but if you're needing a little look in the rearview to see how far it's come, check out some of the following stills.

It's crazy to look at these photos from nearly a decade ago and think how much we all have changed since then as well. I might age myself here, but in 2012, I was just starting high school and definitely a much different person than I am now.

But as Fall River, and the rest of the world changes, it is pretty cool to see and experience the new things the community has to offer. I mean, have you seen how awesome this new sculpture at Fall River's Government Center is?

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