According to the Herald News, the New Harbour Mall has officially closed its doors in preparation for the 18 month long construction of the new South Coast Plaza.

In October 2015, former Fall River Mayor Sutter announced that the New Harbour Mall would be undergoing $50 million worth of major changes.

As of January 2, the doors were officially closed to begin the year and a half long construction process.The updated plaza will include a state-of-the-art movie theater, open-air shopping, dining and completely revamped grounds and parking lot.

South Coast Plaza Cinema

While there have been no official announcements on what stores will be coming to the plaza, reports say that definite plans could be revealed towards the end of the month.

The city of Fall River is working with CEA Group of Cambridge to add up to 30 new businesses, dining options, an updated parking lot, walkways, and a movie theater. The Kmart that currently exists at the eastern end of the current mall will remain in place and open.