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Pokémon GO is Every 90’s Kids Dream
Let's be honest. This app was not invented for the seven-year-olds who are just now being introduced to the world of Pokémon. This is for the 90's kids who have waited 21 years for a pet Pikachu they can call their own.
Today was the US release date for the app and already my Faceboo…
Massachusetts Millionaires
Let's be real. Wealth is all around us, we just don't see it sometimes nor do we realize who's reeling in the bread. That is, of course, until this map was released of all the Millionaires residing in Massachusetts.
Larry Makes It Big
Last summer, I saw one of those Google Maps cars drive by my house taking pictures so they could update their "street view" setting. I just happen to check my address this morning, and there I am. You can see me looking at the Google Maps car with a "What the h*ll is that&…