One wonderful benefit of living on the SouthCoast is the abundance of diverse restaurants. There's something for everybody.

Just when I thought I've had it all – pho restaurants, fine Portuguese cuisine, zesty burger joints, piping-hot pizza shops – right here in my backyard, a new idea has arrived in Fall River. It's called the Shaking Crab and it has expanded to the SouthCoast.

Seafood lovers unite for a bolder outlook and taste on how you eat crab and lobster legs. It's a clam boil on steroids that is literally shaking up the way we enjoy eating seafood and tasty crustaceans.

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Perhaps some of you have been to the Providence location and may already have an opinion on it and a solid understanding of how they operate, but for those who are asking the question, "what the heck is a Shaking Crab?" I'll be happy to be of service.

First you decide how hungry you actually are. Between the jumbo seafood trays and the shake bags, it's all about how much you're looking to eat or even share. You choose between snow crab legs, whole lobsters, clams, shrimp, Dungeness crab, and even crawfish. Whether you have it served in a giant tin tray or in a bag, it comes with a special sauce that you can add as much or little as you'd like before shaking or mixing it all up. Other items as corn and potatoes can be added to the seafood combination of your choice.

You've heard of chicken nuggets, but have you ever had catfish nuggets? They're a featured item among the towering fisherman's platter. Others items include the lobster cheesy fries and the garlic noodles.

There is no physical location itself in Fall River, but Shaking Crab is now offering delivery within the city from its "ghost kitchen." So if you don't feel like driving to Providence, then this might just be the best news you've read all day. Just don't forget to wear a bib and have extra napkins readily available while eating.

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