Some people, myself included can't sit still even during a blizzard. Some members of the Rotary Club of Fall River got busy during the blizzard making what they call "Blessing Bags."

Blessing Bags are filled with basic amenities like toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, hand warmers, and other items that were donated to the Rotary Club that someone facing homelessness would need.

Lisa Labrew, Marketing Director at Prosper Life Care in Fall River and also a member of the Rotary Club of Fall River, is just like me and couldn't sit still during the blizzard this past weekend. She had to put her time to good use, and what better way then filling bags to help those less fortunate?

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This originally started a few years ago as a project geared to women, as they would fill purses, but they quickly saw the need was greater and more wide spread. Over the last few years, they have filled hundreds of bags thanks to donations.

Just this weekend, Lisa filled close to 40 bags that will go right to the Fall River Police Department, where they will delivery to all the organizations that are in need. One example of an organization that receives these bags is the SSTAR organization in Fall River.

Lisa wanted to make sure we thank St. Anne's Credit Union for donating the bags and is thrilled that they recently received a grant to purchase more bags to get more of these essentials to those in need in the Fall River area.

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