Happy Wet Nose Wednesday! It's the season of giving, so let's give some animals a chance at love that only a forever family can offer.
Every week, we shine a light on animals up for adoption on the SouthCoast, in hopes of finding them the perfect places to call home. This week, we head to Fall River where an adorable pitbull is patiently waiting.
Meet Flower. She is a beautiful, 1-year-old pit bull who, despite her rough journey, is all smiles. Flower was brought to Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River after she was found roaming the streets of New Bedford.
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"We believe she was dumped (there), as she had a collar on and a leash dragging behind her," the shelter said. "Shockingly, no one ever came forward to claim her which we really don't understand because aside from being a beautiful dog, her personality is somehow even better."

Flower is a laid-back and easygoing dog and is considered one of the friendliest dogs the shelter has ever had.

"During our behavior evaluations, we touched her all over to see if she had any trigger spots and her entire body seems to be a trigger spot for her to roll over and wag her tail," joked the shelter.
Flower can sit on command and she's great with other dogs. She loves to chase toys, but she needs some work on the concept of "fetch" as she doesn't like to bring the toys back.
Since Flower is a pit bull, adoption stipulations apply. No children under the age of 12, applicants must own their home/condo, and the shelter prefers that any other dogs in the home are of the opposite sex to prevent any territorial/dominance behaviors.
Flower is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm-tested.

Forever Paws Animal Shelter

300 Lynwood Street, Fall River, MA
(508) 677-9154

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