According to a recent press release, Mayor Paul Coogan, in conjunction with the City Council, plans to refund 25 percent of 2021 liquor license fees.

The refund of the 2021 liquor license fees had been forwarded to the Fall River Licensing Board for their consideration and the list of discounted licenses subject to this proposed refund can be found below.

The refunds impact restaurants, private clubs, and breweries, which have been financially burdened due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 25 percent discount reflects the quarter of the 2020 year when bars, restaurants, and clubs were closed due to state Covid-19 regulations.

“Our business owners have dealt with uncertainty and tremendous challenges since the pandemic started,” said Mayor Paul Coogan. “But small businesses are the backbone of our community. As federal and state stimulus and Covid-19 guidance change, we are constantly keeping an eye on what aid will be coming to restaurants while exploring ways we can help entrepreneurs stay afloat.”

According to the press release, the following liquor license fees will be eligible for the 25 percent rebate:

  • All Alcohol Common Victualler Restaurant
  • Beer & Wine Common Victualler Restaurant
  • All Alcohol Common Victualler, Club
  • All Alcohol Common Victualler Vets, Club
  • Farmer Brewer Licenses
  • Seasonal All Alcohol
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