Over the past 10 years, I've DJ'd wedding after wedding and recently, I witnessed the most heartfelt speech I've ever heard.

On Saturday, July 31, Matt and Kelsey Witzgall tied the knot (officially) in front of family and friends at the Fall River Country Club. However, the two had already been married by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but were unable to have a formal wedding with guests due to the pandemic.

As the couple stood face to face in the presence of their loved ones, Swansea Selectman Christopher Carreiro, the acting officiant for the wedding, asked the Witzgalls to read their vows to each other. As the groom took the mic and began to read his vows that were written the night before, I don't think anyone was ready for what he had to say.

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Although his vows were well over three pages long, I'll give you a snippet of his words of love and affirmation to his wife that all began with a story about a ski trip:

"Kelsey: Back in January of 2018, we took a weekend trip to New Hampshire to go skiing. Not a far drive, but close enough to not be too adventurous for one of our first trips together. We were newly dating, and it was going to be a quick getaway to enjoy the snow, time with friends, the weekend, and the weather. For you, this would be the first time you had skied since you were a kid. You were nervous, and rightfully so.

We make it to the chairlift, and up we go. It is a quiet and relaxing ride to the top. The first trial to see if we can manage to stay upright on a quick decline. You grab my hand, and we prepare for departure.

We begin our descent for the first time. You end up gaining a little too much speed and down you go, me alongside you. Not a hard fall, but disheartening. I can see that you’re frustrated, but you want to continue. We get back up and try again. We make our way a little further down the hill, and another fall. Before I know it you dust yourself back off, get up, and begin to head down again.

We make it to the bottom. A couple tumbles, but overall a good first run and we’re back at it again. This time we make it down to the bottom with just that one fall. 'Again,' you say. We have two or three more runs on the same hill, and with each trip down you’re getting better and better, and more confident in yourself."

Let me stop this story for a quick second. I'll be honest, at first I had no idea where he was going with this until this happened:

"Kelsey, falling in love with you was like skiing down that mountain. The first time we got to the top, we went down together, and tumbled. But we got back up. We went back to it again. And each time up and down that mountain we got better and better, and the slope became easier, and easier.

Every day I spend with you becomes easier and easier to love you, and to see the rest of my life unfold together with you. We have had our tumbles, and probably will again, but that’s the beauty of skiing, and of love."

Are you freaking kidding me right now? This might be the best metaphor for love I've ever heard in my life. Now to the conclusion:

"I promise that I’ll be here for you, and that if you fall down, I’ll be right there to pick you up again. I promise to be patient. I love you unconditionally, and always will, no matter how slippery the slope may be."

*Insert mic drop*

This guy scored all the right points for all the right reasons, leaving me and the crowd impressed. Talk about setting the bar high. Witzgall just took the "vow game" to the next level.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Overall, it was a gorgeous day, the bride looked beautiful and it was a celebration the Witzgalls will never forget.

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