Do you believe in ghosts?

Over the years, many people have submitted videos to me claiming a ghost or some sort of otherworldly energy was recorded. This might be the clearest example I've seen.

If you're not a huge believer in supernatural phenomena, this video might change your mind,.

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The video was discovered by Michelle Antunes, a good friend from Fall River. She got a notification from her dining room camera, and when she watched the video back slowly, something bright and round caught her eye.

Antunes slowed down the footage so you can see it coming straight from her nursery room. It appears, then fades, then becomes brighter and more noticeable.

"I’ve caught them (orbs) on camera before, but not like this," Antunes said. "What's wild is that I went to visit my grandfather earlier that day at the cemetery, and I did ask for a sign. This could very well be it."

After she posted the video to her social media platforms, some commenters wondered if it was simply some dust floating in front of the lens. Antunes swears it takes more than just dust particles to activate her camera.

Whatever the origin of this strange sight is, if it's bringing good vibes and comfort, that's all that matters.

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