A Fall River hot dog haven is taking innovation to new heights.

Family-owned since 1979, Faneek's Coney Island on Rhode Island Avenue has been a consistent local favorite. Now it's redefining the traditional side dish experience with French fry flights. It's a delectable assortment of crispy and golden fries, each seasoned and paired with mouthwatering toppings.

How Faneek's French Fry Flights Began

Each summer, owners (since 2017) Liz and Chris Carpenter have a friendly competition with their employees so they can get more involved with the business.

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"It's called the Summer of Fries," Liz said. "All my employees put together unique French fry toppings and whichever is the bestseller we end up keeping on the menu. However, this past year we had eight great sellers so we took them all and turned it into a French fry flight."

Courtesy Faneek's Coney Island Hot Dogs via Facebook
Courtesy Faneek's Coney Island Hot Dogs via Facebook

"I hadn't really seen any food flights, just drink flights like beer, wine and mimosa flights so that sparked the idea," Liz said. "It's super-trendy right now and ever since we started it people love it. The best part is when someone orders it and walks through the dining room with the flight, it piques everyone's interest."

Faneek's French Fry Flight Flavors

  • Piggy Back: Cacoila from Azorean Manufacturing Company in Fall River with hot peppers (owners' personal favorite)
  • International: Sweet Thai chili, parmesan cheese, chourico and sauerkraut
  • Cherry Churro: Cinnamon sugar coating topped with cherry pie filling
  • Hot Tamale: Ketchup with hot sauce with diced-up fried chicken tenders
  • Southern BBQ: BBQ sauce, beans and cole slaw
  • Chili & Cheese: Self-explanatory with chili and cheese
  • Holy Ghost: Chourico, ketchup and hot peppers
  • Garlic Parm: Seasoned in a garlic parmesan dry rub

As a bonus, the restaurant also has "hot dog flights" utilizing the eight different hot dog choices on the menu. This allows new and old customers to sample each without the fear of filling up on eight whole hot dogs.

The Hot Dog Flight is $9.99 and the French Fry Flight is $12.99.

Courtesy Faneek's Coney Island Hot Dogs via Facebook
Courtesy Faneek's Coney Island Hot Dogs via Facebook

Faneek's is one in 23 restaurants in the state participating in the restaurant meals program allowing disabled homeless and elderly over 60 years old to use food stamps to purchase food at the restaurant. It's a pilot program that recently launched in November and the Fall River hot dog joint is leading the charge.

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