I've seen a lot of strange front lawn decorations in my time, but this one by far takes the cake.

Over on Hill Street in Fall River, there's a well-kept house with a few unorthodox and somewhat strange decorations on its front lawn. A good friend of mine, Molly, snapped a photo of the front yard and sent it over to me asking if I could solve yet another SouthCoast mystery.

I promise not to disappoint with this one.

So I did what any eager radio reporter would do and I went and knocked on some stranger's house. Now, keep in mind that it was around 5:25 p.m. and the sun had already gone down. There wasn't a single light on at the house, but there was a car in the driveway.

This is pretty sketch, I thought to myself but proceeded with caution to the front door. I knocked four times and gave the doorbell a ring. From the inside I could hear scurrying around; there was definitely someone home. After what felt like an eternity, someone finally approached the door and opened it slowly. It was obvious that whoever was behind that door, standing in the dark, was just as cautious as I was and I didn't blame them.

Finally, I could make out the face of a woman who spoke with a thick Portuguese accent.

"I'm so sorry to bother you, ma'am," I began, "But I just have to know what that flagpole decoration is in your front yard."

"Oh that," she replied. "That's something my husband made. It's a Christmas star."

A Christmas star, huh? Well, I'll be darned.

"He enjoys making crafts like that," she further explained. "We have it up during the holidays. It normally has lights on it, but it's not Christmas anymore."

Apparently, the sweet Portuguese couple puts up the decoration every year around Christmas and takes it down in the spring. There are so many questions I wanted to ask her, such as what about the scary face on it and what it represented but I didn't want to overstay my welcome or worse, have them call the police on me.

So there you go, folks. Another SouthCoast mystery solved. Have something strange, weird or that you need answers about locally? I'd love to take on the case, so shoot me an email at Gazelle@Fun107.com and I'll give my best shot at cracking the mystery.


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