“Back to school” can be a daunting and scary sentence for many parents, and one Fall River activist is hoping to ease that burden with a “Back to School Pop Up Market", allowing SouthCoast students to start on the right track for the school year.

The Man Behind the Event

His name is Chris Aguiar, but most people know him as “Ya Boi LoCo” from his popular YouTube channel. Over the years, he decided to rebrand and make his outreach more meaningful.

He would walk into homeless encampments showing the “ugly side” of the city to raise awareness with his followers. He began conducting interviews with people who suffer from mental health and addiction, highlighting positive role models, and giving the spotlight to local artists.

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He often attaches himself to local events, but thanks to his growing support system and his desire to make a difference, he’s ready to host an event on his own.

Back to School Drive 8/27

“This is my first solo hosted event,” he said, “but if my past accomplishments, the current amount of anticipation, and locked-in team members are a way for me to predict how this event will go, I am extremely positive it will be big and create a wake-up moment in the community.”

Located in the Tap House building in Fall River, Aguiar’s team will be handing out backpacks filled with school supplies, there will be a team of barbers giving out free haircuts, and a local salon owner will be donating her time to do braiding and other hairstyles.

“I also have a team with an online gaming portal set up for the kids to show off their skills,” added Aguiar.

Around 40 vendors are expected to participate in the back-to-school drive, from sneakerheads to wellness suppliers. DJ Boom of Boom Squad Radio will set the tone, with several other Fall River performers bringing excitement to families.

All About Bringing the Community Together

This event is much more than just a school drive. Aguiar’s goal is to get people outside, away from their phones, and into the community.

“I love bringing people together regardless of age, race, or anything that others may classify as a difference amongst people,” he said. Aguiar had some hard lessons to learn in his younger years, but he is choosing to use those experiences as a way to guide the youth on a better path.

“I hope this event will help change the narrative in my city,” he said. “We have amazing people here. The Fall River/New Bedford area is where great things are happening and will continue to grow even bigger!”

On August 27th, come for the school drive and stay for the culture.

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