This week the fall foliage really seems to have peaked across the SouthCoast. So are you taking pictures?

Whether you are trying to get Christmas card-worthy photos of your family or just taking a pic or two for your Facebook feed, this week has been phenomenal for fall foliage.

As the scientists predicted earlier this season, the tail end of October has not disappointed leaf peeper in Southern New England.

I mean, even Tom Brady was sharing pictures of the trees around his house in his Instagram story the other day.

If Brady is doing it, we all should be doing it.

So where are you seeing some amazing colors?

I captured this one while out walking with my sister around her Rehoboth neighborhood last weekend.

fall foliage
Nancy Hall/TSM

All that wet weather at the end of August really helped to make the fall colors extra vibrant this season.

And now is the time to get out and capture it.

So if you haven't been heading to work, dropping the kids at school or enjoying time outside and taken a picture of your fall view yet, what are you waiting for?

The leaves will probably only look this good for another week if we're lucky. And then everything will start to fall to the ground for raking season.

So show us your favorite fall foliage spot on the SouthCoast. Share the pics in the comments on Facebook or send them via AppChat on the Fun 107 App.

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