If you were out and about in Fairhaven on Wednesday night between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., you may have seen something strange below the Gene's Seafood sign that caught your attention: a prisoner in a homemade jail cell.

Curiosity got the best of me, so of course I had to stop and access the situation. Allow me to introduce to you the inmate of the story. Lori Truehart is the president of a non-profit called Supreme Perfectionists Inc. Each year, Truehart and her team adopt families around the holidays to shop for so that the kids can have a good and memorable Christmas.

Truehart began her chilly sentence at 4 p.m. by the side of a busy Huttleston Avenue, waving to passing cars and shouting, "Help bail me out!" Keep in mind, it was cold that night, but it didn't stop Truehart from raising over $700 of her $1,000 goal.

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"By 6:15 p.m., I was absolutely frozen and decided to call it quits for the day," Truehart said. "Even after I was 'bailed out,' the donations kept flowing in and we could not be more grateful."

The idea came to Truehart back in October when she was shopping for a Halloween costume and came across an inmate suit. With the help of her husband's handy craftiness, he was able to construct a makeshift jail cell in which Truehart was "incarcerated."

Courtesy of Corine Sanders
Courtesy of Corine Sanders

One by one, cars began to stop and the donations piled in from all over, from as far as Maine. This year, the non-profit took in six large families from the area, each one with numerous kids and family members. This year, there were a total of 220 gifts in total for all ages that Truehart's team needed to raise money to purchase.

"Right now our elves are out and about shopping as fast as they can so that we're prepared for Christmas Day since it's right around the corner," Truehart said. "We realized that there is never someone who doesn't need help. Sometimes they don't want to let you know, and we truly appreciate everybody who gave. I can't thank you all enough."

If you'd like to give back to these local families or simply have further questions, you can email the non-profit at supremeperfectionistsinc@gmail.com.

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